The world we live in,
is a world that we are constantly co-creating.
Every day.
Our decisions and non-decisions,
actions and inactions,
make this world what it is.
Every day.


I am so much and so many things, that I don’t even know where to start. I have so much to offer, so many achievements to count, and yet, so little that I surely know, I should mention here first. Maybe this is, however, the best way to introduce you to myself and the way I experience life and the world around me. There is always so much, and I simply don’t know how to process and order it in an instant. Give me time, and I will flourish, and transform this place into a garden, clearly ordered, yet equally chaotic, simultaneously silent and loud, with scents and sounds and colours everywhere, where you only knew there was nothing. I will show you the world through my eyes, if you only give me time and space to flourish first. Your world will be richer, your life will be brighter, quiet and loud at the same time, happy and sad, wonderfully comforting, yet awkwardly uncomfortable. I will open the door for you to my precious world. Will you open yours?